What Others Have Said About Jambo

Winona - St marys - Ontario
Well lmy first year of 20 to go forgot to ask ifthat could be in dog years...LOl It was great and all the staff is invited to the big day when we figure that one out...We John and I will miss you all very much looking forward to seeing you all again..And to eating more muffins from Muffin..There will not be a day that goes by that i will not be takining about this experience take care all and see you in two years..PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINESS WINONA

Bethany Mink - West Lorne - Ontario
This had to be the absolute best camp I have ever been to. I made so many friends, Had so much fun with the activities and airband (We still kicked butt) and enjoyed meeting different troops and leaders. The only part I didn't mind missing was the crying in the car on the way home. I MISS YOU ALL. GO CERLEWS

Kimberley Tehonchuk - Trenton - Ontario
As mom to a third year cub on his first "real" trip away from home the message option was a welcome touch. We both needed it -Thanks

Stacy Kerr - Belize - Belize, Central America
This Jambo is a great opportunity for our troop members to explore and also for adventure and learning. I am sure that Jambo is very exciting and fun. My lil bro is there (Brandon) and i know he is having a great time.

Arnold Leenart - Bristol, UK -
Hi All, Hope your are having a whole lot of fun at Jambo! Missing it (again)! Greetings from RopeDawg

Beverly MohammedAli - Belize - Belize, Central America
Great website, loved the post office where you can send messages to relatives and friends. Our troop travelled all the way from Belize, for some of them it was their 1st time away from home so it gave us back home some comfort that we could contact them while they were away.

Adelaide Taylor - Welland - Ontario
Jambo 2006 was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed it.

Mathius Lukwago - Kampala - Makindye
good information

Sheri Henry - Sarnia -

stanley ndawula - kampala - none
good web site, am a rover scout in uganda and like to link up with scouts canada. one world one promise

Kristin Reed - Walkerton - Ontario
Jambo 2000 was awesome! Being on staff was a blast! I'll be back next time for sure! HA LUCKY YOU! joking! later days!

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