What Others Have Said About Jambo

Scouter David - Greenfield Park - QC
Had a great time at Jambo 2016. Nice to see old friends (Mel, Lucy, Doreen, Rick) and made new ones (Katie & Russel) See you all in 2018

Mel Mckinnon - Mississauga - Ontario
very special THANK YOU to Skip and all the STAFF JAMBO 2016 WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!! Special thank you to HOT LIPS AND SCOUTER RON FROM WOLF SUB CAMP. Great time had by all!!!!!!!

David Dezan - Greenfield Park - Qc
Last Jambo was great. the youth and adults are looking forward to 2016!!!

Melvin Mckinnon - Mississauga - Ontario
A very special THANK YOU to Skip and all the STAFF JAMBO 2014 WAS A COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!! Special thank you to HOT LIPS AND SCOUTER RON FROM WOLF SBU CAMP.

Mel Mckinnon - Mississauga - Ontario
Thanks to Skip and all the Staff for an AWESOME JAMBO!!!!!!!! Special thanks to WOLF CAMP STAFF, Hot Lips,Emily ( ELF ) and Scouter Ron

Crystal Beke - Calgary - Alberta
Hey Everyone, Have a great week! Miss you all. Wish I was there! Enjoy that hot weather! Hopefully I will see you all soon!

Julie Atherton - Otsego - MI 49078-9703
Can't Wait to come to the Jamboee with Troop 255 with Brenda Gentner group. YA!

Derby scout group in uganda is mor than pleased to join scouts from canada and other parts of the world at the great lakes jamboree 2012. Therefore the uganda scouts like to share scouting experiences with other scouts at this wonderful event

Diana - Canterbury - New Zealand
Will you be inviting internationals to take part in your camp?

Joe Doubrough - North Bay - Ontario
Sounds like the Tower Monkey has had a busy year since Jambo 2010. I look forward to seeing what other adventures he will do before Jambo 2012.

Scouter Dave - Glenwood, - NL
We just got home from ScotiaJamb '09. It was a fantastic time. The last item in the final newspaper was about Great Lakes and we are thinking about OOS. Wondering if there will be any BOZOs there?? Looks like a fun-filled week with lots of challenges. Will be in London next month and may check out the site. Good luck with your planning sessions. Scouter Dave, ex-68th. London.

Michael - Toronto - Ontario
My group may not be comeing but I just wanted to sign this thing

Heather Stevens - Avoca - New York
As Always.... Jambo was amazing. My family and i had an amazing time. thank you to skip and to all who help us get there every year...can't wait to see you all again.

Lucy and Emily Jackson - watford - Ontario
Emily and I enjoy the camp , 2008 was our 1st Jamboo. as staff we have a wanderfull time . see you next yeat. Lucy and Emily Jackson

Bill Mosher - Toronto - Ontario
Would be interested going to JAMBO10 as a O.O.S. or as a 2nd leader with a Scout Troop.

Roger Cross - London - Ont.
A BLAST FROM THE PAST To all of the scouters and youth that i have met at the Jambos, hello again. The memories will remain dear to me always. To any scouters or youth that haven't attended a Jambo, please do as the experience is a life treasure. To those that have been, you know what I am talking about. These are very dedicated organizers that put their heart and soul into this event. Enjoy evryone and the best to all. Yours In Scouting Roger Cross

George Maurer - Sparta - Ontario
Really hoping to be able to participate in the next Jambo. I've been intensely disappointed that I've had to miss the last two.

Mel Mckinnon - Mississauga - Ontario
WOW!!!!!!!!! Another Great Jambo!!!!! Thanks To Skip and All the Volunteers. Wolf Sub-Camp was Awesome!!!!!!. Thanks Hot Lips, Scouter Ron and Scouter Rob. See you all at the next Jambo In 2 years. Scouter Mel, 1st Cooksville Scouts

Ali Wakerley - Woodstock - Ontario
Another Jambo, more memories. Can't wait till 2010.

Brenton Kennedy AKA "Zeus" - BrownSea -
Another Jambo has come to close... We had a great time again this year, made alot more friends and extended our family even larger... I would like to thank all the youth who came down to Brownsea, we had some great times, and some crazy times... I did hear alot of good feedback throughout the week when I was found amoung the "Jambo locals"!!! We'll do it again in 2010 bigger and better then ever... we'll see you all in 2010! keep smiling

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