The Great Lakes Jamboree Program

The program at the Jamboree is divided into a series of villages and day trips designed to allow your youth the maximum amount of program during their stay at the Jamboree. Even though villages are designed to be experienced in a single 3 hour time period, it is not generally possible to do everything in the village in 1 visit so you will have to discuss the various options carefully with your youth. Some villages are available for more than 1 scheduling time per troop. Full details about schedules will be e-mailed to units that fill in their registration form. Listed below is a quick outline of each village to give you an idea of what to expect. Unless otherwise noted, these on-site villages are designed to provide fun for youth of all Scout ages including Cubs who have completed 3rd year and are coming into the Scouts.

Village 1 – "Cooking With Crazy" 2.0 – NEW "Crazy"

Each station is designed to allow hands on experience, as well as teaching of various "old time " and "current" techniques and Scouting skills. E.g. are Dutch Oven cooking (and EATING of what is cooked). 2.0 was a huge hit and Crazy (Andy) has even more cool stuff for this Jambo.

Village 2 – “Down at the Forge”

We have 3 blacksmiths and a tinsmith who provide hands on training for youth and Leaders as well as hands on opportunities to work the forge to make various items. Lots of great "Old Time" experiences. A must do for most groups!!

Village 3 - Adventure Village

In this area we will have the Repel towers, a climbing wall, Ariel runway, archery ranges, BB rifle ranges, Orienteering, 3 way tug o war and fire brigade wars. No way to be bored here!

Village 4 - Handicraft Village

In Handicraft Village area, youth will have an opportunity to create special Scout-age crafts. Specialty woggle making, T-shirt silk screen, woodworking, ceramic painting (huge hit in past years), personalized button making and more.

Village 5 – Leatherworks Village

In the LeatherWorks, leather crafts such as arm bands, key fobs with special Jambo stamps and other hand crafted leather items (NOT kits) will be made.


COMPLETELY revamped using ideas from last Jambo's Brownsea participants. An Overnight adventure for 18 youth at a time. No leaders. Youth hike into the event area and set up camp. A full day program of events testing Scouting Skills, cooking own food, making own shelters . Youth will be placed in composite Patrols. A full day and night program of competition and fun await the youth adventurous enough to sign up. Youth must have completed 2 full years in the Scouts section program to be eligible.

Village 7 – Macro Pioneering

No small stuff here. Over the course of the week youth will construct major projects each day: bridges, signal towers and several other large pioneering projects were on last years completed list. We will be using 8 to 12-foot spars. This was new last year and a huge hit. This can be chosen as a one half day or whole day event depending on your wishes.

Village 8 STEM

Lots of new cool stuff to build, run and work with. Highly Recommended!

Village 9 – Geocaching Adventure NEW Caches on site!

Take a trip all over the Jambo site!. Can you find your way to all the caches? Do you get the special Troop award to show you are superior hunters? This is an event that is planned as a half day event.

Canoe Program

The canoe program will offer a full day at the lake consisting of a ½ day of instruction for beginners and ½ day regatta to put into practice the skills just learned.

Hike Program

The hike is a one day 12K hike on either the Elgin Trail or the Bruce trail suitable for Scouts and adults in relatively good shape. You will be carrying your own gear including food and water. All participants are bused to and from hike areas.

Water Park Out-Trip

All units will be scheduled to go on a day trip to an area water fun park. There is no added cost for the trip or for the admission fee. It is part of the Jambo package. You will have unlimited use of the water events and 2 added areas. You will leave camp by bus after breakfast and return just prior to supper. Lunch is provided.

Special Night Subcamp Program

Pirate Theme Game Night

This will run from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. The event is split over 2 nights. Two nights of crazy fun and events that run rain or shine (but not in first class thunderstorms). The event nights will consist of each Troop running their favourite Pirate Theme Game one night and being a contestant the next. You can go nuts with costumes, prizes etc. The games should be fun, QUICK and easy to do. Full "guidelines" will be on Webpage after registration. Special prizes and awards as well as tons of fun plus the opportunity to make new friends will make this a special part of the Jamboree program.


Camp BEL
is just EAST of London Ontario, 2 hours from Detroit, 2 1/2 hours from Niagara Falls & 2 hrs from Toronto. The camping grounds are flat with a clay and gravel base covered by a layer of timothy and grass. There is limited tree shelter from the north. Subcamps are in open areas. Municipal water is available in Subcamp common area, a first aid station is located in the Subcamp area, and there is round the clock security on the site.

Arrivals And Departures

Please note that with the exception of overseas and out-of province Troops, no Troops will be allowed on site until after 9:30 a.m. on the morning of the 9th (Saturday) and the Jamboree runs until 10:30 p.m. on the 16th so departures will be SUNDAY the 17th by noon.

Leader Ratio And Fees

The minimum leader complement is 2 per troop. Please check and abide by your Council / Area and Country regulations.
A growing trend in Troops is to have Leaders rotate in and out for part weeks so that youth can get to camp and Leader obligations can be met. That is fine and we have a policy of only charging you for the actual leaders present. If you have a schedule that has coverage of 2 leaders per day with a small overlap of a night here and there we call that 2 leaders. We use Scouts Honour when it comes to this issue. In this case we would provide 2 sets of scarf / badge and you can purchase extras for the rotating leaders.

Leader fees are $145 per Leader.

Fees, Deadline Dates, Substitutions, Refunds and Registration Process

Note Registration: This Jamboree is ALL electronic from this point on. We will do all of our communication via E Mail. I realize that not all have E mail BUT, someone in your group does. ALL unit updates and forms and maps etc. will be downloadable from the Jambo homepage. PLEASE list an E MAIL CONTACT on the form when registering. It will greatly improve communication for all concerned. If you paper register and do not list one , we will call you looking for one.
If you change your e mail address, please contact us with the new one.

Camp fee is $295 (Canadian) per youth and #145 per Scouter attending.
There is a $100 Troop Registration fee which is NON REFUNDABLE. This $100 must be sent with your registration form if registering by snail mail. If E Mail registering (PREFERRED), you must mail the $100 within 2 weeks to confirm the E Mail or you will be deleted. If you back out you lose the $100 Troop pre-registration.

The camp fee is divided into 2 payments to make it easier for youth to afford.

We give the full bank exchange rate that we get on foreign registration monies. The first $150 per youth payment and the $145 per Scouter is due November 20, 2021. THIS PAYMENT IS NON REFUNDABLE and NON CREDITABLE.

If you are just learning about the Jamboree and it is past Nov 30, 2021, don't panic. Call me to see if there is still space and to let me know you are coming and send off the $100 Troop fee and make arrangements for the $150 per youth and the $145 per Scouter.

The second $125 per youth is due March 1st, 2022. Again, if you get the information late, call me to see if there is still room. At this point, this fee is now also NON-REFUNDABLE. (In the event of a physician supported claim or verifiable extreme family crisis, this portion of the fee may be refundable.)

You may substitute youth right up to 2 weeks prior to Jambo with no penalty, as long as you email me with a SUBSTITUTION form and the sub accepts the program set up for the original youth. You can also ADD youth and leaders, IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE, up to 4 weeks prior to the Jambo if there is space but please keep this to a minimum. Forms for program choices, medical etc. will be on the website no later than December 1, 2021.
For program picks, the sooner you fill in the web form, the better.

Staff Applications

Staff ApplicationsIf you have spare Beaver, Cub, Group Committee adults, SIT’s, Life or Eagle Scouts or Canada Cord earners that are interested in serving on Staff for this event, we want them! We are always on the lookout for good people. Full details and staff application can be found here, or by contacting Skip Locke at 519-383-7947.

Cost for staff is $120 for the week & INCLUDES FOOD.

********International Representation********

Information on this Jamboree will be on the WEB. In the past we have had participants from England, Scotland, USA Denmark, Columbia, Holland and Belize.

Tuck Shop

Shop will carry pop, bottled water, ice and candy as well as a limited supply of camp souvenirs.
Please note that USA money will be taken at PAR so get it changed before coming over!

Souvenir Pre-Order Form

We STRONGLY suggest that you pre-order your souvenirs for this Jamboree. There are links available from the Leaders Home Page and the Staff Home page to shop for souvenirs and will give you a total when you fill it out. Send the money in Canadian funds to the address on the souvenir shopping page. We will have a VERY LIMITED number of shirts and crests available at the Jamboree. Final date to order shirts on pre-order is May 1st, 2022. Order will be waiting at Registration when you preorder and prepay. All orders must be prepaid if you want to be sure of getting your stuff.

Food Services

You will be doing your own cooking at this Jamboree. Each Troop will leave 1 car in the "Active" parking lot. The remainder of vehicles and all Troop Trailers will be in "Dead" parking. The car in the Active lot will be available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. for 1 leader to go into town to get food as needed. It is 5 minutes to town. For units from overseas, we will provide transport once per day into town from the camp.

Other Administrivia

A health lodge staffed by nurses will be maintained for the duration of the Jamboree. A hospital is 10 minutes down the road.
Water is municipal water.
WEATHER DEPENDING, gear can be driven right up to the Subcamp. No cars or Troop trailers on site.
A 6 foot banquet style table will be provided for you to cook on, 1 per site. Troops with more than 15 will get 2 tables.
Ice is available at the tuck shop at cost.
All cooking must be with propane or naphtha or Dutch Ovens. NO WOOD FIRES. Units are expected to come self contained for food for the first 2 days.

Scouts Canada is a Co Ed movement. Please be advised of this if you are coming from the US. ALL Subcamps will be co-ed and will have co-ed Leadership in the Subcamp Staff.

I look forward to seeing you all at the Jamboree!

Register Your Troop Today!

QUESTIONS : Phone – 519-383-7947