Welcome to the 14th Great Lakes Jamboree
The longest continuous running Jambo in Ontario

On behalf of the staff I would like to extend an invitation to all Scouts, Scouters, Guides and Guiders within the World Brotherhood of Scouting and Guiding to attend and be part of this wonderful Jamboree experience. Make us part of YOUR Canadian Path experience.

The Dates for this Jamboree are:
July 11 – 18, 2020

Great Lakes Jamboree will be at Camp BEL at Dorchester near London Ontario!

For Troops that register before midnight Dec 15, 2018
we will be offering 1 free leader fee!!!
Don't delay, register now!

We offer a full 5 nights of Subcamp program with 2 nights of camp wide program with special themes!

Join Jambo Today!

There are repel towers, climbing wall, archery, rifle ranges, blacksmith forge, Leathercraft, handicraft, Dutch oven cooking, Bruce Trail hikes, canoe, Geocache adventure, macro pioneering, and 2 new Villages for Jambo 14. Several special Canadian Path and STEM sessions for Leaders will be offered as well as a separate Leader event area. Special Opening and Closing ceremonies will add to your Jamboree Adventure.

Cost for the Jamboree is $275 / youth, $125 /leader, plus your troop registration fee of $100.00. This includes everything except your food and how you get to the site and home again. We are always looking to maintain the price as low as possible while providing the best activities and experience for your Troop. As a team, we feel this is still the best deal anywhere for your youth in the summer of 2020.

Scouters, I urge you to read and share the details so far of this package with your youth to see how you and your Troop can have a GREAT summer Jamboree experience.

Act Quick! We have a registration limit of 500!
Don't miss out!



Yours In Scouting
Steve (SKIP) Locke , Camp Chief – Jambo 2020

My Troop is coming Is Yours?

The first Great Lakes Jamboree was held in 1994 and has been running every 2 years since!